The Complete Guide to the 1921 Silver Dollars

June 30, 2011 Allan Coin Collecting

1921 is a special year in that there were two different types of silver dollars minted. 1921 was the last year for the Morgan Silver Dollar and the first year of the Peace Silver Dollar. 1921 marked the first year of Morgan dollar production in 17 years, after continuous minting for 26 years, from 1878 to 1904. The Peace Dollar was a late addition with minting starting on December 26th of 1921, but they somehow still managed to mint over 1 million in the few remaining days. Because of that the Morgan dollars are quite plentiful and one of the most collected coins out there, and the Peace dollars very rare and sought after. But while we are in the neighborhood the 1921 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is also rare, with roughly the same production figures as the Peace Silver Dollar.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 Peace Silver Dollar

1921 Peace Silver Dollar


Mintage of 1921 Silver Dollars

In 1921 Morgan dollars were minted in Philadelphia (44,690,000 coins), Denver (20,345,000), and San Francisco (21,685,000) with no mint mark, D, and S respectively. Over the years of production the Morgan dollar was also minted in Carson City and New Orleans, denoted with the CC and O mint marks. The 1921 Peace dollar was also minted in Philadelphia (1,006,473) but did not start being minted in Denver and San Francisco until 1922.

The mint mark of 1921 silver dollars. In the Morgan dollar the mint mark is above the letter O in dollar on the back. For the Peace dollar the mint mark is below the word ONE on the back.

Other coins minted in 1921

Along with the Morgan and Peace silver dollars the mint produced other coins: Wheat Penny, Indian Head Nickel, Mercury Dime,Standing Liberty Quarter (type 2), and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Silver Shortage

During World War II there was a silver shortage that caused many silver dollars and other coins to be melted for the silver they contained. This caused a large decrease in the number of 1921 silver dollars in circulation.

Again in the 1960s another silver shortage hit the US causing more coins to be reduced to raw silver and again lowering the number of coins available to collectors.

1921 Silver Dollar Prices

Because the Peace Silver Dollar is so rare and the Morgan Silver Dollar is so plentiful the prices are quite different. Peace dollars can be anywhere from just over $100 to many thousands of dollars. Where as Morgan dollars can start around $35 and go up from there. The price of the Morgan dollar can be linked with how much silver costs per ounce, so the higher silver is the more the Morgan dollar will be.

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