Review of Quality Muffler {5/5 Stars}

May 26, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:5/5]

This place wins the customer service award by far. Not only is Dale the nicest guy to ever fix my car, but he’s good like mom’s Sunday dinner is good. He just looks, talks, and feels like he knows what your car needs, and he’s honest about it.

The thing that really sealed the deal with Quality Muffler is that when I picked up my car only 3 hours after I dropped it off (unlike 10 days with Jim’s Auto & Rip You Off Shop) he said he wanted to show me my old catalytic converter. I thought, “Wow, that would be awesome. I’d love to look at it. No one has ever offered such a thing to me before!” My wife and I went into his shop and he pulled my catalytic converter from a pile and explained to me what was going on inside of mine. It was a super thing for him to do. It didn’t change anything, it wasn’t really necessary, but it just made me like Dale and his Quality Muffler even more.

Price [rating:5/5]

The price was perfect. Less than I expected and worth every penny.

Quality [rating:5/5]

After Quality Muffler replaced my catalytic converter my car has been better than ever, and I mean that quite literally. Its been a week and that means its already out lasted the previous attempt to fix it.

Atmosphere [rating:4/5]

Well, it wasn’t exactly the Ritz Carlton, but he was sweeping the shop out as we drove up, it was bright, uncluttered, and overall pretty darn good.


If I know anyone that has a muffer or catalytic converter problem, or if I even overhear anyone talking about their problems I’m going to pipe up and tell them all about the Quality Muffler of Provo, Utah.
Quality Muffler
1122 S. State St. #25
Provo, UT 84606

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