Review of Provo Car Doctors {2.5/5 Stars}

May 23, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:3/5]

I don’t love the people at Provo Car Doctors–but they have always been OK.
However, they do not win full marks because they A) didn’t know the solution to the problem I presented them with, or B) they didn’t tell me the solution so they could perform unnecessary “tests” at additional costs. Either of these choices are enough to lose significant points in the customer service category.
Here was the situation. I had the check engine light come on so I sent the wife along with the car to have Provo Car Doctors diagnose it and hopefully fix it. I was aware that I would have to pay for the diagnostic, which I was OK with. The “diagnostic test” (which I’m pretty sure just meant turning off the check-engine light) apparently resulted in no answers, because their plan was to just start checking different things out (I think they mentioned the fuel pump?!) and see if they eventually could fix the problem. They told my wife that they had no idea if they’re testing would fix the problem, but they wouldn’t know until they tried it. I don’t know if they really didn’t know the specific problem, or were just going to rack up a fat bill checking random things before really getting to the problem.

It was at this point that I no longer wanted to do business with the Provo Car Doctors. I declined their services, paid them the !!$54!! for the useless diagnostic, and took my car to Checker where I used the check engine light hand held diagnostic tool myself, got the code (423 I believe) took it back in and asked the clerks what it meant. With out any hesitation they answered, from memory mind you, that I needed a new catalytic converter. Wow–and the best part was that it was free.

Price [rating:1/5]

The second reason why my terminally ill car will no longer be a patient at the Provo Car Doctors is that everything there just seemed a little pricey. I mean $54 to NOT do what I did at Checker in 5 minutes!?! My first visit there was no less pricey, $154 for them to send my car to a muffler shop to replace a flex pipe that connected the front catalytic converter to the rear catalytic converter. The worst part on this one was that I listened to the receptionist call up this other shop, get a price from him, and then in whispers converse with the mechanic about how much to charge me. It felt a little shady at the time, but makes perfect sense in light of the second experience.

Quality [rating:2.5/5]

The flex pipe they had some else replace is still working great with no signs of stopping. However since they couldn’t diagnose my check engine light they get big-time negative marks.

Atmosphere [rating:3.5/5]

The shop was decently clean, plenty of good magazines to read, comfy enough chairs, and a TV at just the right volume, quiet enough for me to listen to my iPod.

I will no longer be going to the Provo Car Doctor because they nickle and dime you, and at their prices I just can’t afford it.

Provo Car Doctors
151 North 300 W
Provo UT 84601
Phone: 801.373.2800

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