Review of Mountain America Credit Union {2/5 Stars}

July 7, 2008 Allan Finance

Customer Service [rating:3/5]

Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) is the worst credit union I’ve ever entered. When I asked about interest rates for auto loans the lady who I asked looked down her nose at me and said, “Probably about 9 to 9.5%.” Then she went on to list all of the conditions that had to be met for the car to be good enough for them to even consider giving me a auto loan. I promptly said, “Ok…Goodbye.”

Now, if this was my only experience with the people at MACU I would have given them a 0 for a customer service rating, but its not. I had an account there for about 6 years. I didn’t frequent the place, but the tellers were all really friendly and nice. So a mediocre score is caused by one bad experience.

Price [rating:0/5]

So as I mentioned in the previous section they offered me a 9.5% car loan. Granted, this was a year ago, but when I went to Zions Bank they said 7%. The place I finally decided on going was Goldenwest Credit Union which gave me a 6.45% auto loan. The real kicker is that MACU would only give a car loan for cars newer than 10 years old. If the vehicle was more than 10 years old they wouldn’t give you a auto loan, but what they “recommended” was that I take out a personal loan with a whopping 13% interest rate. What kind of idiot did they think I was? The worst part is that when I told my coworkers about this one of the told me that she’d went through this exact same process with MACU and got the personal loan! I couldn’t believe it! They prey on people who don’t know enough to say no to their ridiculous requirements! She’d already been paying on it for 3 years and was going to be paying it off in just a couple months, it was too late to help her, but I will never bank there, nor will anyone I know without me giving them a piece of my mind.

Quality [rating:1/5]

I’ve already ranted enough about their shoddy quality. Their interest rates on savings accounts aren’t even that great either. Only .9% (at the time this article was written) while Goldenwest Credit Union is 1%. I won’t even bother comparing savings account rates to banks because credit unions are always superior (excluding ING Direct, which beats most banks and credit unions that I’ve seen–currently giving me 3% on my savings account and 1.74% on my checking account).

Atmosphere [rating:4/5]

It was a nice clean bank. Some fake plants in the corners. The usual.


Never going to touch my money again. They may change their ridiculous requirements in the future, but Goldenwest Credit Union gets my auto loan and ING Direct gets my money.

88 N 500 W
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 373-0330

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