Review of Action Transmission {5/5 Stars}

August 15, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:4.5/5]

These guys are the best transmission shop in Provo, Utah. Not only are these guys good but they are straight forward and honest. Our car had the check engine light on with a speed sensor circuit code, which is a transmission problem, so the guys at Action Transmission checked it out and informed us why our speed sensor had failed. It turns out our transmission was falling apart and pieces of it were stuck to the magnet in the speed sensor. We were in some serious need of a new transmission. The way Action Transmission handled the whole thing was fantastic. They informed us of the problem then let us choose. They didn’t fix it and then inform me that I now owed them a million dollars. They called me up and let me choose what to do.

When I brought the kid that was going to buy my dying car from me to their shop they explained over and over the options for repair and how much they would cost. They were so good at honestly explaining what problems the car had and how much it would cost to fix. The helped me sell the car and not feel like I was cheating some kid out of his money just to unload my piece of junk Hyundai Sonata (never buy a Hyundai, this Review Provo Blog would be a lot shorter if I didn’t have to keep going to different car places to fix my dumb car.) The only negative aspect was that I got two slightly different pricing scenarios from the guy on the phone and the lady at the desk until til the guy and the phone walked into the office. But it was cleared up and things went peachy keen.

Price [rating:4.5/5]

Their prices were fair and they kept me informed. Transmission repairs are just expensive.

Quality [rating:5/5]

They did a great job. The speed sensor they put in worked great for the one week we owned the car after they replaced it.

Atmosphere [rating:5/5]

I really liked their shop. They had a transmission in their lobby that had been quarter cut so you could see all the gears and disks and things inside of it and how they meshed together. They also had a bunch of really helpful diagrams put up so you could see what each sensor did and what happens when it fails.


Action Transmission
430 West 300 South
Provo, UT 84601
Telephone: 801-374-3580
Toll Free: 1-866-274-9580

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