Review of Jim's Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop {0.5/5 Stars}

March 25, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:0/5]
As far as customer service goes, Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop could not get worse. (If your looking for the best muffler shop in Provo then check out my review of Quality Muffler.) This is my experience: Jim tried to tell me that I had air being sucked into my exhaust line just before the muffler…I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to blow into your muffler while the car is running…good luck. I don’t see how a pin sized hole right before the muffler could do it either. I’m not a rocket scientist, yet, but I have taken a fluid dynamics class. No gas is going to go upstream into a pressurized line. As you can imagine that didn’t go over so well with me since I’d just given him $600 two weeks earlier to fix the problem with my catalytic converters. So we started arguing about it, right there in his lobby, with 4 or 5 other people just watching. I’m not ashamed of the fact that I found it invigorating to stand up for my self against this jerk. He told me that my regular mechanic didn’t perform an adequate tune up; therefore the warranty was no longer valid. He had no where specified what an adequate tune up was; just that mine was not good enough. He told me, while we were yelling, that since I didn’t replace all the wiring and spark plugs, even though my mechanic tested them all, that he would not fix the problem which he told me was caused by a tiny little exhaust leak right in front of the catalytic converter (which was there when he fixed the car and said it would be fine until the next time I had to have my emissions tested), but I’ve already discussed how much bologna that is.

So moral of the story is that Jim doesn’t care one whit about you. I talked to my other mechanic afterwards about the situation and when I told him who I had gone to the first thing he said was, “Well that was your first mistake going to him.” That’s comforting to me to know that other people are aware of the wonderful customer service that can be found at Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop and are steering others away.

Price [rating:1/5]
The reason why I went to Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop was price. I called around and found that he was the cheapest shop in my neighborhood so I went. But the value for the money I spent is astronomically low. I won’t launch into another rant here, but needless to say the reason for the low rating is clearly explained in the customer service section.

Quality [rating:0/5]
Let’s just say that if the quality were any lower I wouldn’t have made it out of the parking lot. The problem that was “fixed” resurfaced in about two week’s time. Make sure you keep your receipt, not that it will do you any good. Your best bet is finding some expert witnesses and trying small claims court.

Atmosphere [rating:1.5/5]
I’m giving Jim’s Auto a star and half because I found the adrenaline of confrontation quite energizing. But if a heated argument with spectators is not for you I’d steer clear. The place is also dirty. Now I’m sure you’re thinking “It’s a car repair shop, its going to be dirty.” Not true, I’ve been to more than one shop that is not only clean but dusted, mopped, and the bathroom is shiny. I read in a high class restaurant reviewers comments that the bathroom reflects on the way a restaurant is run. I think the same is true for all places and especially of Jim’s. The bathroom just like Jim’s customer service is dirty and unkempt.

Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop, I’d say the worst place in Provo to get your car worked on. But, if you like to yell this may be the place for you.

Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop
907 W Center St
Provo, UT 84601

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