Review of Giffin’s Diamond Auto {0.5/5 Stars}

March 27, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating: .5/5]

If you want a sweet talking, greasy, used car salesman this is the place for you. From the moment I walked in with my wife they laid it on thick. How quality their cars were, how good their mechanic was, their legacy in the area, their prices, their guarantee. It was all a sham. They didn’t deliver on a single claim.

My “quality” car needed over $1000 of repairs in the first 3 months that their “good” mechanic was suppose to have caught. Their “guarantee” turned out to be, “Bring, your car in and we’ll have our mechanic check it out at a discounted price.” When pressed further, telling them they screwed me over and that I was upset at being sold a poor quality vehicle the only answer I got was that “Things happen…” In this case these things happened because Giffin’s Diamond Auto is dishonest and has no regard for something called “customer satisfaction.” I will be doing everything in my power to bring them down.

Price [rating: 1/5]

The price that we got for our car was good, if our car would have been in the condition they said it was in. But considering the money we’ve had to put in it since, we got fairly screwed by their sweet talkin’ ways.

Quality [rating: 0/5]

We bought our car from Giffin’s Diamond Auto last July and I’ve been looking for an outlet to my frustrations ever since then. To start off with they sold us a car that “had already passed safety and emissions tests” so we didn’t have to worry about it. We thought, oh that’s nice.

The first rain drops about a week later started the revelation into how thorough a inspection they had done. To start with there was no rubber on the windshield wipers, it had been ripped off somehow and only the metal screeching back and forth across our window. The next day when the rain had dried onto our window and I tried to clean it off with the mister I found that it didn’t work.

But my favorite $450 and then $600 repair was when my car would only do 40 miles per hour over Point of the Mountain. My mechanic told me that some moron had installed the timing belt wrong by trying to force it on to some rod it had to go around, bending the rod. This had caused my car to not run properly, specifically causing the car to not completely combust all of the fuel in the cylinder. This fuel then went into the catalytic converter, overwhelmed the “cat”, caused it to overheat and fuse together, and subsequently block off all downstream flow limiting my car to only 40 miles an hour over the little hill that is Point of the Mountain.

Atmosphere [rating: 1/5]

The only points for atmosphere they get are because the owner of Diamond Auto had put up pictures of old cars that he’d restored with the money he swindled off of other dopes just like me. Other than that it was exactly what you’d come to expect from the stereotypical greasy used car dealership portrayed in the movies.


We were desperate for a car, ours having blown up a week or so earlier, and they took advantage of us in our weakness. It was also my first time buying a car and I didn’t get the education I needed on buying used cars until I realized how scammed I had been. Why don’t car dealers follow the example of every jewelery joint I went to when I was looking for a wedding ring for my wife? Every place I went to took the time to tell me all about the 3 C’s of buying a diamond: cut, color, clarity. I still remember the things they said now two and a half years later. But then again with a diamond I was buying a very skillfully critiqued and graded stone, with a used car they don’t do this on purpose because then you probably wouldn’t buy the hunk of junk they are pushing on you. I can see why they do it, because they’d go broke otherwise, but can’t the car buying experience be about getting the best hunk of junk you can afford, knowing exactly what you are getting?

Giffin’s Diamond Auto is exactly what you expect when you look at their establishment; a shady, sketchy, dirty, lieing, deceiving used car dealership. Buyers beware.

[rating: overall/5]

Giffin’s Diamond Auto
8572 S State St
Midvale, UT 84047

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