Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage Spreadsheet

This is my free Microsoft Excel Gas Mileage Spreadsheet. Its simple and easy, yet agile and powerful. The best thing about this gas mileage recorder is that I’ve implemented some statistical calculations to determine if your vehicle is performing in its normal operating range or if there is some statistically significant variation going on in your miles per gallon (MPG). Another set of convenient tools are the many graphs.

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The Power of Statistics Harnessed

This spreadsheet uses a simple control chart to visually let you know if something has changed about your cars performance. The spreadsheet automatically calculates and graphs the average and the upper and lower control limits for the graph. If your MPG dips below the lower control limit then you know you have a problem. If the MPG goes above the upper control imit then maybe that additive you decided to try really had an effect, if it stays above the line for the next couple times you know you’ve found something that works.

Graphs are Easier to Read

In this spreadsheet you can input thousands of fill ups, but you still will probably not know a thing about the average MPG or how much farther you can drive on a tank of gas in the summer verses the winter. However, if you plot your usage over time you can see in all the information you want in a quick glance. A few of the pre-made graphs include your trip mileage vs how much farther you could have gone on that tank of gas, the price you’ve paid for gas over time, and your consumption of gallons per day. These graphs can be left in the default position, all on one page for easy viewing (as shown below), or they can be moved to their own page for larger graphs and easier reading. All you need to do is right click the image and then click the word “Location” in the menu the popped up and then choose “As a new sheet:” and then click OK.

Gas Mileage Spreadsheet Graphs

Critical Step for Calculating MPG

You must fill up your tank every time you put gas in. This is crucial because the full point is the reference point for determining how much gas was used over how many miles you went.

If you’d like to download this free gas mileage spreadsheet simply click the Gas Mileage Spreadsheet link.

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