Finally Updated for 2011

February 20, 2011 Allan Update

Well I finally got around to updating the spreadsheet with all of the coins from 2011. I looked at when I updated it last year and it was Feb. 23, so I’ve improved a whole 3 days over last year.

Truth is I’ve been very busy with other things. Getting my Masters degree is the current big ticket item on my list of things to do. But I did find the time to help out my wife and create a new look for her website, you can check out the new design and her fabric flower tutorial eBook on the site.

The other free time I have has been spent to building a new site and getting it ranked on Google. Its already ranking for some key words and is starting to get traffic. Considering its only one month old I’m quite happy. Oh, here is the site, its of course mainly about laptops under 300 dollars. But it will eventually cover all areas of laptops and mobile computing including accessories.

Oh yeah, sorry about the Excel 2003 version’s pivot tables not working. I just don’t have 2003 installed on my machine anymore. I have the disk image saved on my hard drive, but I’m just too lazy to install it to update this spreadsheet once a year. Just look on line for some lessons about pivot tables and then create on so it looks the same as the ones I’ve already done. You’ll be better off for it because pivot tables are one of Excel’s coolest features.

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