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Update to the 2015 Update

January 24, 2015 Allan Coin Collecting

I just wanted to post to let those that subscribe know that, thanks to Steve F., there is a new 2015 spreadsheet that now includes some gold coins. He also helped me with a error on the Don’t Have By Year tab. So head on over to the download page for the newest 2015 US […]



2015 Update

January 19, 2015 Allan Coin Collecting

The update to the spreadsheet for 2015 is done. I’ve also create an update¬†macro. To use it you simply close your spreadsheet,¬†open the update spreadsheet, probably enable macros, and then click the button on the update spreadsheet. The macro inserts rows at the top of your spreadsheet so you don’t have to lose all the […]



2014 Update

January 19, 2014 Allan Coin Collecting

The 2014 Update to the USCollectACoin spreadsheet is up and ready for download. I want to give special thanks to John Winner for adding all of the US Coins back into the 1700s. I would have never had the time to do it so I’ve very grateful to him for doing all that work. Sorry […]



Information On Buying Gold Coins

July 13, 2011 GuestPoster Coin Collecting

Individuals with coin collections often consider buying gold coins, while there are some who are interested in these coins for investment. Since the prices of silver and gold coins are constantly increasing, having these items is definitely a good investment choice. But of course, before making any purchases it is best to know how and […]


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The Complete Guide to the 1921 Silver Dollars

June 30, 2011 Allan Coin Collecting

1921 is a special year in that there were two different types of silver dollars minted. 1921 was the last year for the Morgan Silver Dollar and the first year of the Peace Silver Dollar. 1921 marked the first year of Morgan dollar production in 17 years, after continuous minting for 26 years, from 1878 […]


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