Finally Updated for 2011

February 20, 2011 Allan Update

Well I finally got around to updating the spreadsheet with all of the coins from 2011. I looked at when I updated it last year and it was Feb. 23, so I’ve improved a whole 3 days over last year. Truth is I’ve been very busy with other things. Getting my Masters degree is the […]



Changed Servers

September 18, 2010 Allan Update

I just barely changed to a different server in order to save some $$$. So that required a relinking a pictures and downloads to their appropriate places on the website. So if you find something that looks amiss or a typo or something let me know. Thanks, Allan



Shameless Plug

May 6, 2010 Allan Plug

I just created a website for my dad who is a dentist in Ogden, Utah. I bought the theme from and then filled in the content. I guess technically its not quite done yet, the staff haven’t sent me their bio’s they wanted posted, but its pretty much there. Just working on some search […]



Site Update

January 29, 2010 Allan Update

I’ve been meaning to update the look and feel of this site for quite some time and now I’ve finally done it. I’ve separated my reviews of Provo Utah businesses that have either screwed me over or made me exceptionally happy to This way I can write occasional blog posts about site updates and […]


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Review of Action Transmission {5/5 Stars}

August 15, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:4.5/5] These guys are the best transmission shop in Provo, Utah. Not only are these guys good but they are straight forward and honest. Our car had the check engine light on with a speed sensor circuit code, which is a transmission problem, so the guys at Action Transmission checked it out and […]


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Review of Mountain America Credit Union {2/5 Stars}

July 7, 2008 Allan Finance

Mountain America Credit Union is never going to touch my money again. They may change their ridiculous loan requirements in the future, but Goldenwest Credit Union gets my auto loan and ING Direct gets my money.


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Review of Quality Muffler {5/5 Stars}

May 26, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:5/5] This place wins the customer service award by far. Not only is Dale the nicest guy to ever fix my car, but he’s good like mom’s Sunday dinner is good. He just looks, talks, and feels like he knows what your car needs, and he’s honest about it. The thing that really […]


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Review of Provo Car Doctors {2.5/5 Stars}

May 23, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:3/5] I don’t love the people at Provo Car Doctors–but they have always been OK. However, they do not win full marks because they A) didn’t know the solution to the problem I presented them with, or B) they didn’t tell me the solution so they could perform unnecessary “tests” at additional costs. […]


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Review of Giffin’s Diamond Auto {0.5/5 Stars}

March 27, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating: .5/5] If you want a sweet talking, greasy, used car salesman this is the place for you. From the moment I walked in with my wife they laid it on thick. How quality their cars were, how good their mechanic was, their legacy in the area, their prices, their guarantee. It was […]


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Review of Jim's Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop {0.5/5 Stars}

March 25, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:0/5] As far as customer service goes, Jim’s Auto Accessories & Muffler Shop could not get worse. (If your looking for the best muffler shop in Provo then check out my review of Quality Muffler.) This is my experience: Jim tried to tell me that I had air being sucked into my exhaust […]


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