My name is Allan, I started U.S. Collect A Coin as a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. I gathered up as much information as I could about the coins from about the past 100 years. I used it to inventory my coin collection. After building the spreadsheet I decided to put it on the web for others to have and use free of charge. I’m still adding to and enhancing the USCollectACoin spreadsheet and I’ll always make sure the latest version is available download.

The Review Provo part of this site is something else entirely. I decided to publish my reviews of local businesses after being had by more than just a few. So as I have time I will be posting my reviews of the businesses in the Provo/Orem of Utah. I hope you are able to check them out before you get had by them as I did.

If you would like to contact me please fill out the contact form.

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