2014 Update

January 19, 2014 Allan Coin Collecting

The 2014 Update to the USCollectACoin spreadsheet is up and ready for download.

I want to give special thanks to John Winner for adding all of the US Coins back into the 1700s. I would have never had the time to do it so I’ve very grateful to him for doing all that work. Sorry it took me a whole year to get those changes onto the website.

David Ewing also sent me his spreadsheet which had some older coins and circulation numbers for the newer coins. So I wanted to say thanks to David for that contribution.

If anyone else has something they have added to their spreadsheet that they would like to share you can either fill out the contact form or add a comment and I’ll take a look at it.

The 2013 spreadsheet was downloaded more than 16,545 times. It makes me smile to think of that many people looking at something I’ve created. Maybe the 2014 update will break 20,000 downloads. I can’t wait to find out.

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