2012 Spreadsheet Update

February 20, 2012 Allan Update

I don’t what it is but my internal clock always has me updating my spreadsheet in the third week of February. That time has come again and the spreadsheet is updated.

I’ve also made a macro that will insert 2012 coins into your current spreadsheet. Hopefully this will make it even easier to move the your coins and the new coins together.

In the hopes of letting people know when the next year’s spreadsheet and macro are ready I’ve set up a mailing list, that you can find over in the sidebar. If you want to be informed when the new spreadsheet is ready then simply put in your email and I’ll send you a message when 2013’s is ready.

Additionally I’ve thought about making a coin collecting android app. I’ve made one Android app so far, but it was fairly simple. This will be a much bigger undertaking that won’t probably happen until the summer, if at all. But regardless I will use the email list to inform people of my progress and when it will be released.

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