Information On Buying Gold Coins

July 13, 2011 GuestPoster Coin Collecting

Individuals with coin collections often consider buying gold coins, while there are some who are interested in these coins for investment. Since the prices of silver and gold coins are constantly increasing, having these items is definitely a good investment choice. But of course, before making any purchases it is best to know how and […]


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The Complete Guide to the 1921 Silver Dollars

June 30, 2011 Allan Coin Collecting

1921 is a special year in that there were two different types of silver dollars minted. 1921 was the last year for the Morgan Silver Dollar and the first year of the Peace Silver Dollar. 1921 marked the first year of Morgan dollar production in 17 years, after continuous minting for 26 years, from 1878 […]


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Investing Advice for Gold Going Forward

May 19, 2011 GuestPoster Gold Investing

Gold is a hot commodity right now, one that many investors are watching.  If you are thinking of this as a potential asset to own, you should consider the following investment advice about this commodity.  It’s not a risk free asset whatsoever. I will first talk about gold potentially being in a bubble.  Then I […]


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Invest in Gold IRAs

May 10, 2011 GuestPoster Rare Metals

Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is a type retirement savings fund and investment plan that allows a person to put contributions if he or she is still earning a taxable income during the year, like salaries, wages, commissions, and such. Because many people become more willing to invest for their retirement as income replacement when […]


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Finally Updated for 2011

February 20, 2011 Allan Update

Well I finally got around to updating the spreadsheet with all of the coins from 2011. I looked at when I updated it last year and it was Feb. 23, so I’ve improved a whole 3 days over last year. Truth is I’ve been very busy with other things. Getting my Masters degree is the […]



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