May, 2008

Review of Quality Muffler {5/5 Stars}

May 26, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:5/5] This place wins the customer service award by far. Not only is Dale the nicest guy to ever fix my car, but he’s good like mom’s Sunday dinner is good. He just looks, talks, and feels like he knows what your car needs, and he’s honest about it. The thing that really […]


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Review of Provo Car Doctors {2.5/5 Stars}

May 23, 2008 Allan Auto

Customer Service [rating:3/5] I don’t love the people at Provo Car Doctors–but they have always been OK. However, they do not win full marks because they A) didn’t know the solution to the problem I presented them with, or B) they didn’t tell me the solution so they could perform unnecessary “tests” at additional costs. […]


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