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Updated 5/28/2017: The 2017 Update is in. Download Now!

Because this year’s spreadsheet is so much different from last years I didn’t make an upgrade macro. But I will make one next year. The easiest way to upgrade will probably be to copy your Qty column into the new spreadsheet and then do a check to make sure all the rows lined up. Sorry, I know that is a bit tedious, but I’ll make an update macro for next years since the changes will be just adding the 2015 coins.

This website is dedicated to pre-made Free Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, ready to be put into use. These free excel spreadsheets are blank just waiting for you to fill in with your important information. They can all be used like a template, you can customize the spreadsheet to your hearts content. View my coin collection and the list of what coins I don’t have.

The Free Spreadsheets

The highlight and motivation for the site is the CollectACoin spreadsheet. This free coin collecting spreadsheet is made so all you have to do is mark which coins you have and you’ll be able to easily see what the value of your coins are and which ones you still need, perfect for those who share my coin collecting hobby. The second most useful part is that I’ve tried to collect as much coin mintage information as I could gather, this is helpful because it gives you an idea your chances of finding the coin you are looking for. If you use Whitman or Harris coin folders to house your coin collection, using this spreadsheet as your comprehensive coin inventory system will be a perfect match. Other Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are of course available for your use absolutely free. I’m even willing to take on a special project to build a spreadsheet to fit your needs no matter how great or how small.

My Coin Collecting Spreadsheet

Want to skip straight to the download? Go right ahead. If you still need a little more persuading, by all means, just keep on reading.

What is CollectACoin? CollectACoin is a free coin collecting spreadsheet that I’ve made to record the coins you have and the coins you don’t. I’ve made it go back as far as 1900 with the possibility of going as far back as you like.

The Statistics of Your Collection

With this newest version of my coin inventory spreadsheet I have added a detailed look at how close you are to completing your collection for not only each denomination of coin but for each type of coin in each denomination. Below is a screen shot zoomed in on just the bottom section of the statistics tab.


Automatically Compiled “Don’t Have” List

The last amazing feature of this free coin collecting spreadsheet is the very printable set of tables that automatically update to a list of coins that are still missing from your coin collection. This is done by utilizing a powerful feature in Excel known as a pivot table. They are amazing. You can drag and drop columns and rows arranging the data in any sort of way you want. The default for CollectACoin is showing what you don’t have organized by year then mint. However if you are curious to see which coins from the Denver Mint its as simple as just changing the order of the columns. Just drag and drop. Below is the printable set of tables explained above.

USCollectACoin DontHaves

Every Minted Coin Has A Home

These three above listed features of the spreadsheet are just the main excel features. The information contained within the spreadsheet is extremely important and useful. In the CollectACoin spreadsheet there are four columns of information given for each coin. The first, of course, is the year in which the coin was produced. Next is the mintage, or in other words how many coins were produced of this specific type that year. After that is mint mark on the coin, whether San Francisco, Denver, or Philadelphia. Lastly is a detail column, this allows different coins of the same type to be separated out. An example of two detail entries would be “Keelboat” and “Louisiana Purchase.” Having these as separate coins in the inventory system allows for an accurate tracking of all coins, even when multiple coins of the same type are produced in that year.

This free coin collecting spreadsheet also has a spot for you to record the quality of the coins in your collection. This way you can note that you have an incredibly scratched up and dirty quarter you found while walking down the street one day. Then the next time you come upon a quarter with the same year and mint mark and year you’ll know to put it into your collection and take the other mangled quarter out.

Know The Mintage Of Each Coin

I’ve added the mintage to each coin that I could information on. Maybe now I’ll think of some sort of statistical probability associated with finding each coin. This of course will take some research, maybe something like this is already out there and just needs to be tapped into. Once it is in place maybe I’ll add in some color code for the extremely unlikely to find ones and for the ones you should already have by now.

With this free coin collecting spreadsheet you get your coin collection displayed in ways that would probably cost at least $30-$50 for free. Simply click on the download link to get your own free coin collecting spreadsheet, CollectACoin. There are other free coin inventory spreadsheets out there, don’t forget to look around and see what is best to suit your needs.

If you would like to contact me about the CollectACoin spreadsheet or about other spreadsheets and special projects email me at:

I hope you enjoy your coin collecting experience as much as I do.

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